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Take your DEKRA-certified training with highly qualified professionals and learn in direct exchange with the lecturers at over 50 locations throughout Germany.


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Over 30 years market experience

Consideration of current trends and scientific findings

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Certified Training
In cooperation with the renowned academy Safs & Beta we have been training yogaboard trainers since 2016. The certified training creates an ideal network between theory and practice – always adapted to current trends and scientific findings.

With the Yogaboard, a tool was developed in 2016 that creates new dimensions for practical training.

Even those with years of experience will find, Asanas they may have done hundreds of times, on the Yogaboard new and challenging.

The board turns a stable stand into a whole new experience. Transitions from one asana to the next are transformed into a shaky and often funny thing. Balancing on the curved bottom of the yoga board strengthens your sense of balance and takes your body control to a whole new level. You are able to train even more intensively and effectively, no matter if you are a beginner or professional.

Bodily imbalances are more noticeable and visible. The yogaboard presents you with whole new possibilities to train and improve your weaknesses.

The fun does not stop after your session is over. Weighing just 11kg, the board is very easy to transport and easily placed back in its wallmount to be displayed in your home.

  • History
  • Mechanism of action of the yoga board
  • Dealing with the new training partner
  • Asanas on the yoga board
  • Challenging Masterclasses
  • Creative Flows applicable with and without Yogaboard

The contents of the course are based on years of experience and current trends. A perfect mix, taught by professionals.

Prerequisite for the course is yoga experience – because even the simplest asanas become a real challenge on the yoga board:
They demand stability as well as balance and stress all muscle parts. Even the stable stand becomes a completely new experience on the yoga board. The balancing not only strengthens the sense of balance, but also trains the mindfulness and brings your own body control to a whole new level.
This makes yoga even more intense and effective training. After all, that’s exactly what distinguishes your unique profile as a Yogaboard trainer, with which you can convince customers.


Fun Factor

Of course, the fun factor is not neglected in this training experience: Especially the transitions from one asana to the next often become a shaky and therefore funny affair – a real enrichment for every course.


The body-sized wooden board with its sturdy hollow construction weighs 11 kg and is therefore easy to transport. The high quality and the beautiful design make the yoga board a real eye-catcher: as an enrichment for your studio or as an eye-catcher in your living room.